Sunday, May 25, 2008


So today was my run and I finished it!!!! I don;t know my official time but I will post these pics so you can see them!! I feel great! I am really tired but yay me!! I have a whole year to train and stuff and next year, I am running the 10 k!!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Month, New start(ish)

K it is the beginning of a new month. I have one full clean month to get some more weight off of me since I have been dancing around the same 2 lbs since March. I am pretty frustrated and ready to buckle down and really do something!!!
I am deciding right now if I want to go running or do 40 min on my elliptical instead. It's kina crazy windy out again(winds from 33 km/h) so I am thinking that 40 min on my elliptical will be great!
I ate a salad from Subway for lunch yesterday and I didn't fight with my cravings or go nuts eating (appies don't count cause I planned for them lol). So now I know what I need to do. Carbs for brekkie, No carbs at lunch and little carbs at supper and I think I just figured out my problem!!!!!!!

I would still love to see the 160's by grad but seeing that I have about a month until that happens, I don't know if that is possible. I am changing it to 175 (which is what I wanted to be for TO lol) and I am still gunning for a good number by my birthday in August!!!