Sunday, April 27, 2008

I feel like a YO-YO

I wish I could shake this thing, I really do. I am like givin er for a while and then I do a brake stand and totally go crazy. I am not totally OP. I am OP for about 80-90% of my day and then I fall off of the track. I get right back on the next day to have the same thing happen again and again. Sigh, I will keep on plugging away.
I am going to the gym today with my BFF Amanda and I am going to sweat, sweat, sweat since I ate some things yesterday that weren't on my PLan. THe only saving face and I am not too sure if that will help me or not is that I slept through lunch and woke up at 4 so I had those extra calories and points that I didn't use at lunch and I ran yesterday morning too so I dunno.
I WI on Tuesday and I was hoping to be down something. I was hoping for 2 lbs but I haven't stepped on my scale and have no idea what the scale says, I just feel like I haven't lost anything and I will keep on going.
I have set a mini goal for my self by my graduation on June 12th, I want to be down at the very least to 169.8 which was 7.8 lbs on Tuesday. LOL Seeing the week that I have been having, I have a feeling that it may be a little more that I need to lose by then. I will not quit tho, I will keep on plugging.
I have given myself till Christmas to get to goal. That is a lot of time to get there I want to lose another 30-35 lbs and I feel that I can get there by Christmas. I am going to stop setting myself up for failure by setting unrealistic goals for my self.
This weekend I am going into Winnipeg to find myself a dress that I can wear to my graduation! I think that once I get the dress that I want, I will have my motivation to eat well and exercise as I don't want to look like a sausage in my dress lol!
One more thing before I go, I registered for the YMCA's Spring Run! It's a 5k run/walk and I am so excited! I am getting more into my running(jogging) and I feel really good when I do it so this is something that is keeping me moving!!!
I love running!!!!!

Until next time, I bid you adieu!!! :)

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..kayla.. said...

you can do this.

:) keep on going girl.. that dress WILL help you not might.. it will :)