Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I feeeeeeeel Fantastic!!!!!!

I love Weight Watchers!!! Everyone is so supportive and I think that helps everyone!!!!!

Just wanted to report that I did my run this morning and (well actually it was a slow jog) the only walking I did was in my warm up. I kept my jog moving throughout the whole thing. My legs were hurting and I pushed through then my body was like oh your shoulder is hurting you better stop and I pushed through and then my ribs were like oy stop you are in pain and I pushed through that too. It is all worth it at the end because that means that I did it and I don;t have to worry about getting in the cardio later. Now I can take the dog and go for a walk later and now it's because I want to not that I have to do my cardio!!!!!! Plus getting out there for a jog at 7 am is awesome!! The sun is just getting up and everything is like calm. When I was done my run and stretching outside I felt a nice wind from above and it was like my mom was looking down on me saying how proud of me she was!!!!! :)


..kayla.. said...

pst... i didnt curse you and give you shin splints!!! i'm glad you got your run in, i'm headed to the gym later on.

(pst this is Kayla1984 from the WW boards) i hope you don't mind i read your blog a little! :)

..kayla.. said...

thanks you made me smile :) im' headed to the gym at 5:30 with my sis! I PROMISE i'm going.. working threw the rest of these splints darnet!

Anonymous said...

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..kayla.. said...

pst update :p i need something to read..